Your workers’ safety is our first goal.

Safety is priority #1. We want you to be covered. But more than that, we want you to be safe. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t have the resources to develop and implement safety policies internally. Even worse, the thousands of OSHA regulations create a dense thicket of compliance issues that many companies simply don’t have the time to navigate.


While we pride ourselves on servicing the best policies in the industry, we know the best workers’ comp coverage is the type that you never have to use. That’s why we partner with the foremost safety and loss control providers in the nation. In California and Nevada, you’ll look to Loss Prevention Specialists (LPS) for all of the following:

  • Safety training
  • Site inspections
  • Accident investigation
  • Program audits
  • Safety program design
  • Insurance services
  • Return-to-work assistance

Since 2003, LPS has provided insightful solutions to clients in a variety of industries, including construction, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and insurance services.

LPS enables you to create a safety environment that’s proactive, not reactive. After all, the best way to avoid accidents is to prevent them in the first place. When you entrust your safety program to LPS, development and implementation are streamlined and hassle-free. Their experienced consultants are adept at creating programs and making recommendations specific to you. Your safety program will be tailored to your business, and will be delivered either electronically or as a hardbound document. For a full complement of safety services, LPS will conduct a complete safety training for your team, too. In other words, we put your program into practice.


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